Zero Degree’s West agency and Entertainment One asked me to produce a 4 page adaptation for Warner Bros. critically acclaimed movie ‘Midnight Special’.

Can anyone say dream project?!

Really though, this was a lot of fun, but also very technically demanding. Although the screenplay had already been visualised, my job as an artist is to bring my unique take on things. Which is not easy when you have a visual map already in place.

Additionally, the process of comic to screen is one thing, but screen to comic is another thing completely! This sequence had to hit two different audiences:

– First up it had to be recognisable to existing fans and viewers of the movie. I have great respect for the original material and wanted to do it justic.

– Secondly, it needed to entice new or potential viewers. TO achieve this, I edited down the sequence, cut out the non-essentials that made no sense out of context and focussed on telling one simple story.

For the first time in a while, I coloured this piece myself and am happy with the results!