We're a small specialised team, but are always looking for new talent!



Job Overview

We’re looking for one mid-weight Digital Comic Book Illustrator to join the team on a fixed-project contract basis, with a view to extend on a longer-term basis. The ideal candidate will have produced comics and illustration before and therefore have a great understanding of composition, anatomy, framing, contrast, have an excellent awareness of shot selection and work efficiently.


Roles and responsibilities
  • Laying out comic book pages with panels, shapes, figures and backgrounds
  • Illustrate complete b/w comic book pages in a cohesive art style and ideally in-line with our house style
  • Prepare files at the correct technical specification ready for client delivery
  • Perform amendments to existing b/w artwork
  • Perform amendments to existing colour artwork
  • Communicate with clients in a professional manner


Job requirements and details
  • Must be able to tell stories sequentially and have a strong portfolio of comic pages to back it up
  • Must be able to produce at least one completed comic page per day
  • Will ideally have published comic book work in their portfolio
  • The candidates art style will ideally fall into line with our house-style, but we are open to other styles provided they are to a professional standard
  • Must work digitally and have an good understanding of CLIP Studio and/or Adobe Creative Suite
  • It would be advantageous to be able to work in multiple styles, understand vector art and have a level of design flair.


If you think you would be a good fit please get in touch using the submission form on this page with the necessary details and work samples. 


Please submit to us using the form below. You will need to:

  • fill out all required fields
  • Attach one PDF under 5mb which include 3x sequential comic pages and 1x b/w pin up or cover.


Please submit just one PDF file including 3x sequential art pages + 1x pin-up/cover