Username:Regenerated, illustrated by Amrit Birdi & Co

We’ve once again teamed up with Youtube talent Joe Sugg and publisher Hodder & Stoughton for the next instalment of the Username: Series.

Username:Regenerated, sequel to 2015’s best-selling Username:Evie, hits shelves 22nd September 2016 and is shaping up to be one great series.

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Shortly after launch, Username:Evie broke records by quickly becoming the fastest-selling graphic novel since records began, was nominated for the childrens book of the year and went on to be a best-selling graphic novel.

So as you could imagine, we were absolutely thrilled to team up with Joe Sugg,  Matt Whyman and Hodder & Stoughton for the sequel book!

One thing we strive for is to make each world we help create better.

So for Username:Regenerated, we added two assistant artists to the creative team which helped us focus on the details and quality amongst the enormous (but incredibly fun) workload.

One big difference this time around is that the script was a little more mature and slightly darker, so we wanted to evolve the characters as well as the art to help reflect this. We worked with Joe and the publisher to nail the new, slightly older character designs as well as used much more black to help with contrast and atmosphere.


Behind the scenes

Username Regenerated Comic Book artwork preview

There was something about his work that was perfect for what I wanted and I realised he understood what I wanted them to look like and we went back and forth a few times making little changes. Amrit worked closely with the colourist and the letterer so he brought them along and that’s how it was all formed.

Joe Sugg

Youtube Star

Username:Regenerated Illustration Process

Comic Book Art Video

The Comic Book Illustrators

Amrit Birdi

Amrit Birdi


Lead illustrator and art director for the project.

Joaquin Pereyra

Joaquin Pereyra


The colour artist for the project.

Mindy Lopkin

Mindy Lopkin


The letterer for the project.

Lisamaria Laxholm

Lisamaria Laxholm

Assistant artist

Assistant artist to Amrit on the project.

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