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About Amrit Birdi & Co (AmCo)

Hi, Amrit here. And welcome to my studio!

And what started years ago as me trying to become a freelance illustrator, quickly became something larger than I had ever intended – An agency-style art studio that specialises in what I love most: drawing.

Waaaay back in 2012, I convinced myself I could draw for a living. And whilst it was a tough road, I knew that what I could bring to the table in terms of style, attitude, approach and vision would be of great use to publishers, agencies, brands and other creators.

So when in 2015 I was approached to draw a graphic novel called Username: Evie (Hodder & Stoughton) – the author of which was none other than the fantastic Youtuber Joe Sugg and the publisher an absolute power-house – I jumped at the chance.

The graphic novel quickly became the fastest-selling graphic novel of all time in the UK, a best-selling title and I’ve since had the pleasure of working on 2 subsequent sequel books with Joe and publisher Hodder & Stoughton.

Alongside this, I’ve had the opportunity to deliver artwork for well-known brands such as Netflix, ITV, Square Enix, Warner Bros., Porsche, Kings Road Publishing, Universal, Ubisoft and Nike to name a few.

So things have been a little busy to say the least and the ‘me’ quickly turned into a ‘we’ as I began recruiting other assistant and co-artists to aid in the delivery of projects. Eventually, Amrit Birdi & Co became something that stuck – a team of top talent from around the world, curated and directed by me in order for us to bring beautiful artwork to the world.

Whilst comic book artwork will always remain our core focus, we’ve also diversified into other areas of illustration such as game concept art, tv storyboards, movie concepts, character design, promotional artwork, product design, animation and more with the sole aim of expanding the way we can tell stories.

And thats us more or less in a nutshell. If you think we can help, feel free to get in touch anytime and lets talk.

Amrit Birdi, Founder & Creative Director.

There was something about his work that was perfect for what I wanted and I realised he understood what I wanted Username:Evie to look like.

Joe Sugg


The Team



Senior Creative

Joaquin is a comic book colour artist and all-round creative. From colour theory, to graphic design, digital painting, children’s illustrations, complex vector art and more, Joaquin is one of our most versatile professional and dedicated artists.



Typography Designer

Mindy is our go-to creative for all lettering and typography design requirements. Along with lettering and type, Mindy also manages the complexities of our internal font licensing process, which ensures the fonts we provide to our clients have the correct usage in place.



ink artist

Renzo is a flexible and incredibly talented artist who’s worked with us for a number of years in producing comic page layouts, character designs, environment design, storyboards, pitch work, inked comic book artwork & much more.



Art assistant

Up and coming creative Madelaine assists the art production team with delivering projects. She straddles being both a writer and artist fantastically well, making her the perfect person to help with the visual storytelling medium.