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More about Comic Book Illustrator Amrit Birdi’s unique style and process

Comic book and Fantasy art is something I have always had a keen interest in.

As a child, I marvelled at the unique nature of my favourite artists work. I wanted to draw just like them. I enjoyed artists of many backgrounds – from traditional art to Manga and Western comics.

Of course, I carried this passion into my education and eventually took an illustration course at University and now work as a Freelance Comic Illustrator, supplying comic and graphic novel art, fantasy illustration and concept art for a variety of clients around the world.

The key to finding a successful Comic Artist is a strong sense of narrative awareness.

No matter how good it looks, without a clear ability to tell a story through sequential images, a graphic novel publication cannot succeed. This is where a good Comic Artist comes in.Fortunately, this is something I pay a considerable amount of time to during the development stages of a project so I can focus on making it look good when I begin the final artwork.

Once a project is commissioned, I usually begin by going through the story/script with the client and dissecting the narrative in order to allow the transition from words to sequential images. This ensures not only that I have a clear picture of how you envisage it, but it also allows us to discuss which way is best to bring your words to life. I would then begin working on a breakdowns of the page by page sequences, in a thumbnail format to be certain the story and panels flow simultaneously and at an appropriate pace.

Now, the fun part. I will take the approved thumbnail versions and from them, produce the final artwork for each page. This is the most time consuming part of a project, but thanks to our early development of key issues such as translation, flow and pace, we could have potentially saved valuable time, effort and money during this process.

Each page of artwork will be reviewed by the client in first a rough sketch format, then as final lineart and finally, with digital colour if necessary.

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