Flashback: Username:Evie

A look back at how the project that made us work at record speed changed us for the better.

Almost 3 years ago began my journey into working as a full-time comic illustrator as I assembled a team to help me draw the now ‘fastest selling graphic novel since records began’ –
Username:Evie – for Joe Sugg and Hachette-owned publisher Hodder & Stoughton.

The main hurdle for the project was time…we had just 15 weeks to fully pencil+ink, colour and letter 181 pages (yes you guessed it, thats 12 pages per week!).

Now don’t get me wrong – I love this book, working with Joe, the editorial team and am eternally thankful to everyone involved for taking a chance on us. But as a creator, I want all my work to be the best it can be…and for a long time struggled with my creative conscience of working so fast to hit such improbable deadlines. But on the tail-end and reflecting back, I’m SO INCREDIBLY PROUD of what myself Joaquin Pereyra and Mindy Lopkin achieved on this project, how well it went on to do which effectively kickstarted our careers and how we made sure each sequel book was better than the last. Well done guys

I also met the amazing Matt Whyman on this project, who I really hope to do more work with down the line.

Ultimately, we’re better for going through this experience and can now produce high quality artwork very quickly as well as having the flexibility to slow down if the schedule permits (which we always fight for!) and its a great place to be.

The moral of the story? Give it your all and accept at any moment, all your can do is your absolute best.


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