Comic artist commissions

Bespoke commissions

Are you a fan of Amrit’s work and looking to commission a piece of art?

Or perhaps you are a comic art collector and would like to add a bespoke illustration to your collection?

Whatever the reason, if you like comic book art you’re in the right place!

Comic Art Commissions

Alongside commercial work, Amrit also loves working on bespoke commissions.

Bespoke commissions give fans and comic book art collectors  the opportunity to commission and receive a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork just for them, drawn by bestselling illustrator Amrit Birdi.

Ranging from heroic shots of the Justice League, to a battle-worn Spider-man to Evie & Mallory in battle from Username:Evie, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

Whilst every commission can be as unique as you like, commissions are typically:


  • Single character commission – receive a full body shot of your favourite comic character with a background
  • Group character commission – usually 2-5 different characters in a montage or interacting (heroic poses, action pose and characters fighting)
  • Artwork commissioned Gifts for weddings, birthdays and special occasions
  • Artwork commissioned to pick up at a convention Amrit is attending


But feel free to think outside the box, the whole point is for you to receive a bespoke piece of artwork that is yours and yours alone.

You can keep it simple and give Amrit the names of your favourite or chosen characters and leave it to him, or go into depth on specificities such as accessories , pose, expression or character version. Below is a selection of artwork previously commissioned to give you an idea of what you’ll be receiving.

Each commission is produced to your liking, signed and shipped straight to your door and each piece of work will take around 30 days from commission to delivery.

If you have any questions or requests for your commission, please use the form below and just let us know in the description.

Note: This offer is specifically for non-commercial art and and private buyers looking for a commission from Amrit. If you are looking for a commercial service, please get in touch here.

Custom Head Sketch?

Looking to get a copy of Username:Regenerated with custom head sketch by series artist Amrit Birdi? Look no further!

Amrit is an amazingly talented artist and a genuinely nice guy! I have had the pleasure of many long chats with Amrit about comics, commissions and the like. When it comes to the human form he is a perfectionist and will do and redo pieces until he is happy that they are perfect.

Paul Growns

Comic Art Collector

Ready to commission Amrit?

The commission process is very simple. Just fill out your details below and the details you would like in your commission.

From there, Amrit or one of the team will be in touch to arrange the specifics.

Alternatively, if you’re not quite ready or would like to learn more, just sign up below to register your interest and we will reach out to have a chat and answer any of your questions.

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Username: Series

Purchase your copy of Username:Evie or Username:Regenerated here and you’ll have the opportunity to receive a custom head sketch in your copy of the book.

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Its understandable to be unsure of what you want or what to expect, particularly when commissioning a piece of art for the first time.

However if you are interested but would like to speak with us first, just submit your details below and we will be in touch within  to talk through the details with you.

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