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What’s not to like about the premise? You have a complex and intriguing lead, you have vampires and you have a believable vibe pulsing through the narrative. If you add the awesome art of Amrit Birdi into the equation – and this guy really nails it here – you have excellent visuals to fully compliment the story.

Joseph K


The Story

Throughout history, the chosen few have joined the ranks of the “Borough of Churches”. A Secret order tasked with an ongoing battle to destroy the forces of evil.

Charlie Swanson is the latest recruit. Trouble is, she didn’t ask to join and doesn’t give a damn about the B.O.C or what it fights for… Yet!

Charlie “Chuckles” Swanson was a normal everyday NYC police officer, doing her bit to make the world a better and safer place. That was until a random encounter awakened a dormant gene causing a transformation into a human vampire hybrid.

Discover the secret order of the “Borough of Churches”, directly from Charlie who will tell you her story the only way that she can… with humour, horror and a whole lot of blood!

The Creators

Borough of Churches is the passion project of two experienced comic book creators based in the U.K – prolific horror writer Adam Cheal (Redemption Heights, Toxic Storm) and the Time Best-selling artist behind Joe Sugg’s Username:Series Amrit Birdi (Username:Evie, Assassins Creed). 

Having already drawn and completed the first two issues, mapped out all 6 issues, written all six scripts and with issue 3 in production, we’re in a great position to share our story and

complete the series.

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