Upcoming Project: Borough of Churches is back in production!

Find out what it is, where it went and why its back!








Upcoming Project: Borough of Churches is back in production!

Find out what it is, where it went and why its back!








Back in 2012 when I first started making comics, I met a pretty cool guy called Adam Cheal, and this meet landed me my first published work.

The back story

The story was a 10-page short called ‘Singularity’ by written by Darrin O’Toole (will do a separate post on this soon!) and featured in the ‘British Showcase Anthology’ (Markosia), which Adam was the Editor of.

Long story short, we hit it of and began talking about a project called ‘Borough of Churches’ in 2013 and was originally planned as a 6-issue miniseries.

This was a much tougher period in my career for finding time to draw as efficiently as I do today. I wasn’t yet a ‘full-time’ illustrator or running a studio, I was doing lots of design work to subsidise my income whilst building a decent enough illustration/comic portfolio. So an issue could take as long as 4 months for me to draw (whereas now it can be as little as 2 weeks). By mid/late 2014 we had two issues under our belt and a third in the works.

But early 2015 saw my first big commission come along – Username:Evie with Joe Sugg and publishing house Hachette (Hodder & Stoughton) which involved me working with the publisher and creative team full-time for an extended period So Borough of Churches (BOC) had to be put on hold.

Flash forward to 2018 and I’ve since produced two more books with Joe & Hachette, worked with Blink Publishing on the F2 Freestylers graphic novel, drawn Assassins Creed alt cover art and much MUCH more which I’ll save for future posts.

But over the years and always looking back at the project…it was REALLY good in terms of narrative and I loved the characters. It was a project that still excited me, and was clearly written with me and my art in mind.

Simply put, I could not put it down – which is a true testament to Adam’s patience and how well he’s woven this story.

The plan

So FINALLY, after a long wait for schedules to align, we are back together and working hard on finishing up the BOC series.

Unlike our original issue-based plan, we’re now going to be releasing BOC in Graphic Novel form, the first being a 68-page collected edition, which we felt was simpler to distribute as well as being much more beneficial for the reader and the story’s structure.

We’ll be posting a few more behind-the-scenes style pieces of content in the coming weeks and Adam will be launching a Kickstarter campaign launching early March.

Thanks to all you long-term followers who’ve maintained interest over the years, I always said we would be back!

To all who’ve never read BOC, if you’d like to catch up on the series we do currently have a 22-page preview available as a completely free download as a teaser, which we’re confident you will enjoy! 🙂

And back to the point – as part of the lead up me and Adam will be sharing some behind-the-scenes content of our development work, the first of which is this awesome promo art which helps introduce our main antagonist: Brother Marcus!.

The first of many, so do watch this space! And if you’d like to keep up to date without even having to think, I recommend you sign up to our Borough of Churches newsletter below – all the good stuff straight to your inbox 🙂

Not Familiar with the series? 

No problem! We’ve got a 22-page preview of Borough of Churches available as a free download here.