Really happy to have been involved in the next instalment of the Username:series, Username: Regenerated!

The project once again sees Joe Sugg and Matt Whyman tackle the story and Editorial Director Briony Gowlett heading things up for Hodder & Stoughton.

I will once again be joined by the amazing Joaquin Pereyra on colours, Mindy Lopkin on letters and the new addition of Lisamaria Laxholm who assisted me in completing pages.

Second time around is also a great opportunity to learn lessons from the first, the biggest obstacle being the super-speedy schedule. Username:Evie was completed by the art team in just 16 short weeks, working at approximately 12 pages per week.

Those of you familiar with the comics process or who work in comics already know that is simply insane. But we made it work by choosing a looser, flexible style that not only suited the material, but allowed us to work fast.

Along with simply improving whilst working at that speed and adding Lisa to the mix to help me fill in large areas of black whilst I focussed on the details really helped.

The second book was completed at approximately 10 pages per week across a team of 4, and we think you’ll be happy with the improvements!