Artwork gone viral!

A proud moment and definitely one to tick off the bucket list. The #Evie hashtag (main character from the book) went viral on Saturday with many positive comments, compliments, fan art and even cosplay. Thanks to the many talents and help of @joe_sugg and his graphic novel project, as well as his loyal followers for making it happen. Much more to come from this project guys, so keep your eyes peeled.  

ITV coverage – Mel and Sue!

For those who have already contacted me, yes it WAS me and my work that briefly appeared on the Mel and Sue show on Tuesday the 27th January 2015! The whole idea was to draw a short comic book for the John Humphry’s – the legendary British Author, Journalist and Presenter. He initially got into Journalism through a love of comics and wanting to be Clark Kent, and therefore Superman. Between myself and Princess Productions (the TV Studio) we came up with a concept that involved John as ‘Super John’. ‘Super John’ watches over London – taking down politicians and …

Surface Pro 3 vs Wacom Cintiq Companion: So far

Having gone from a bamboo, through the Intuos 3 and 4, 13HD Cintiq and then the Companion (all from Wacom) I thought I’d never switch from the brand. But due to their unreliability, I unfortunately had to. But everyone should know this: The Surface pro 3 delivers. I’m extremely surprised at how much I’m enjoying this product (so far at least). The glass screen vs Wacom’s matt-ish screen has been an easy transition. But I’m personally noticing a big difference with the pen pressure (I think its only 256 in comparision with Wacom’s 2048). But you still get all the …

Borough of Churches #2 cover pencils

Work in progress. With the Cintiq out of action, its back to pencils for the upcoming Borough of Churches #2 cover artwork from Ellipsium Entertainment. Took me a while to settle back in to using pencil, but after 4-5 hours it felt very natural again!  

Curse of the Scourge

I recall being a much younger artist, wanting to draw comics and for people to want me to draw them. Whilst I’m on the path but still (what feels like) a long way from a life goal, I am fortunate enough for people to be approaching me to work on their books and/or pitches. Here is a WIP snapshot of the latest of these projects: CURSE OF THE SCOURGE. The concept is from a very talented British writer, hopefully there will be lot of news on the project in the coming months! Line art and colours by me.

Living the script

As all comic artists will know, when you work on drawing a comic script or a series over a period of time, you really end up ‘living’ it. And with Dante: The Inferno #1 coming to a close (from my end at least), I’m finally getting to the real juicy parts of the story – and as a lifelong comic fan, trust me when I say: People are going to want to buy this book. Watch out for it early 2015.  

The woes of Wacom…

First off, let me just say that throughout my somewhat short career (so far at least) as an artist, I’ve always used a Graphics tablet – and that tablet has always been a Wacom tablet. From the first small and medium Intuos 3’s I had, to the large Intuos 4, the Bamboo so I could use it on the go, eventually the regular Cintiq and more recently – ‘The Cintiq Companion’. The mother of tablets, the top of the Wacom food chain, I’m excited to say the least. It arrived – JUST 24 HOURS later, wow Wacom you’ve really outdone …

Comic Storyboard project

A few months ago, I was commissioned to work on a 5 page comic/storyboard project. This was ALOT of fun. I’ve been working on getting more organic and energetic lines into my artwork and this was the perfect arena to experiment!